Good to Know: Electronic Cigarette Use in the United Kingdom

e-cigWho Uses Electronic Cigarettes and What Are Its Implications on the UK Vaping Industry

At the moment, there are 1 in 5 adult smokers in the United Kingdom. According to statistics released from a study made by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), e cigarette users in the UK are estimated at 1.3 billion. Which demographic do these e cigarette users belong to exactly?

These 1.3 billion people who smoke e-cigarettes comprise mostly of ex-smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes, current smokers who are trying to cut down on tobacco use or are trying to ease into the process of quitting the smoking habit.

Current smokers and ex-smokers of real cigarettes have different reasons for using e cigarettes. A reported 48% of this combined demographic in general uses e-cigs to help them quit smoking in general, and “to help me keep off tobacco,” at 32%. ASH conducted a comprehensive survey on 1, 035 adults who have used e cig devices in Great Britain and here are the results:

A reported 10% say their reason is to avoid putting those around them at risk due to secondhand tobacco smoke. Some 15% of respondents say they use electronic cigarettes because they needed something to help deal with situations where they cannot smoke real cigarettes, like in workplaces, certain bars or restaurants. There is 22% who said they tried e cigarettes to save money; 22% to help reduce smoking of regular tobacco cigarettes, but not to quit completely. The biggest slice of the pie at 34% of the respondents say that they shifted to the e-cig devices to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes entirely.

The price of electronic cigarette devices and vaping accessories in general is rapidly dropping as its popularity continues to rise here in the United Kingdom. Robert West, a professor of health psychology and the director of tobacco studies at the epidemiology and public health department of the University College London, says “They are about 20% cheaper than cigarettes at the moment. As they get more popular and sales increase, they could end up being half the price, especially if they end up being regulated as medicine and are exempted from VAT (Value Added Tax).”

Regulation in the UK

Just recently on June 12 2013, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced of their regulation of e cigs, along with other nicotine containing products (NCPs) as medicines.
At present, electronic cigarettes are not regulated under the smoke free law in the UK. E-cig users in general are free to use their vaping devices in most public gathering places such as certain restaurants, bars and on public transport.

However, managers of some of these public spaces and premises still prohibit their use.

Ready to Make the Shift?

E cigs deliver nicotine to users’ lungs without the deathly toxic substances which can be found in tobacco smoke. They also reduce the amount of secondhand smoke exposure in spaces where smoking is legal or allowed because they do not produce smoke, only water-based vapors.

We are an E cig blog offering E Cigarettes and e juice flavours made with the highest and strictest standards, to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products we deliver to our valued clients. We know that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK, and we would like to help reduce that number significantly, by providing you with vaping products of the highest quality.

By making the shift, you are doing a great and positive lifestyle change. Save yourself from embarrassment of having the foul odor of tobacco smoke stuck to your person, save money for more important things, save the people around you from secondhand smoke, and minimise the health risks.

Trust us; you will be doing yourself and those around you a great service. But remember to only get your vaping products and accessories from trusted sources.

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Wonderful E Cigarette Options In The UK

e-cigarette-ukIf you are looking for ways to stop smoking and kick the habit goodbye, then you have arrived at the right place. We are a UK firm that provides some of the most reliable products that will help you quit smoking in an easy and friendly way. In fact, our product is used by consumers all across the UK, across Europe and around the world. We provide e cigs to our customers in the UK and any other interested buyer. Our products are of impeccable quality, having been tried, tested and proven to work absolutely well, helping users quit smoking and lead clean, smoke free lives again.

It is a fact that smoking can be very addictive. The reason is that smoking contains some very addictive products such as nicotine. Nicotine is very addictive and keeps its users addicted to tobacco even when they wish to give up smoking. Cigarette smoking and cigar smoking are both very addictive. One of the most highly successful and highly recommended methods to stop is simply to make use of the electronic cigarette.

The eletronic cigarettes are basically that; cigarettes that light up electronically and are made of a metallic substance. They produce smoke, which is safe and not harmful nor addictive. Liquid mixture is vaporized and this harmless vapor is then blown like with a cigarette.

By using the e cigarette, as it is popularly referred to, users will still enjoy the sensation of lighting up, puffing and blowing smoke, but only this time with safe smoke and with harmless substances. Many people are turning to this popular product. It is now readily available here in the UK and we are a leading provider of the e-cig. We are a trusted name in the world of products such as the e cigarettes. As a firm, we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted, reliable and amazing firm providing quality products and services to the general public. Success can be achieved only by those determined to try out new things and by using the e cig and associated products, our customers will be happy with the results.

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Understanding what Electronic cigarrettes are all about

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